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Friday, January 15, 2010

Average citizens treated as Congressional pawns...health taxes

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Democratic negotiators are cutting a special deal with unions exempting union contracts from the “Cadillac” tax on high end insurance plans until 2018. Negotiators are considering increasing a financial hit on drug companies, nursing homes and medical device makers to shore up the potential revenue shortfall.

All others start paying the tax in 2013. These discriminatory practices within congress remain alive and well. Clearly congress remains solely focused on their 2010 elections versus what is in the best interest of all constituents. Each of us casts a single vote however union membership casts thousands of votes with votes rooted in what was gifted.

This is a modern day version of Robin Hood however this time the entire Hood family (a.k.a. congress) takes from whomever is not paying attention.

A single vote yields a form letter from our elected representatives. Unions and other lobbying groups enjoy the “access buffet”. Remember the days when a middle class existed and the environment generated an opportunity for survival in this country?

 Couple quick facts pertaining to the health benefits afforded our congressional horse traders.

According to FactCheck.org, House and Senate members:
 a. offered private health insurance through the Federal Employees
    Health Benefits Program
b. about 300 plans are offered through this program
c. no waiting periods
d. no pre-existing exclusions
e. on ave., government (a.k.a. taxpayer) pays 72% of premium/up to 75%
f. eligible to receive limited medial services from the Office of the Attending
   Physician of the U.S. Capitol (nominal annual fee of $491 in 2007)
g. eligible for care at military hospitals (ex. Walter Reed) and no charge for
    outpatient care

Our time to make our vote count is overdue people!

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