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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

December 2009 Budget Deficit: $91.8 BILLION

Early today Christina Romer described the fairy tale 2 million jobs saved or created as a result of the stimulus package as stunning.

Stunning more aptly describes the U.S. budget deficit for a single month. Stunning is interchangeable with dramatic, eye catching, beyond belief, mind boggling, striking and astonishing. Let’s use Ms. Romer’s eloquence to recap the U.S. Debt data.

Eye Catching: 15th consecutive month of deficits
Beyond Belief: $91.8 bil budget deficit ($40.1 bil > than
Dec. 2008 (77.6%)
Mind Boggling: $388.5 bil collective debt in the 1st 3 months of
FY 2010
Striking: $219 billion in receipts ($19 billion less than Dec. 2008 (8.7%)
Astonishing: $14 billion spent on jobless benefits alone in December

Wake up call for all fiscally incompetent elected officials; we need more than a finger to plug the breach! NO is the appropriate word on spending!

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