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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama is creating a panel to study the deficit

President Obama plans to create a commission to study the deficit and make recommendations on measures to reduce the federal deficit. This “commission” would consist of 18 people and 14 of the 18 would need to agree on specific recommendations prior to a congressional presentation.

Yet another commission/committee to review a 4th grader word problem. What’s to study? The government continually spends more than it receives.

You chose to captain this ship, so quite whining about what you inherited, as a whiny captain triggers a mutiny. Hand a bucket to each member of congress and get them bailing before this ship sinks.

In lieu of another 18 person circus, simply call David Walker as he has been pounding on the table concerning this country’s fiscal irresponsibility for 7 years. Regrettably for us citizens, neither you nor your predecessors chose to listen and turned a deaf ear.

As President, Mr. Obama it is time for you to buck up and enlighten this math challenged congress that any bill hitting your desk that does not reduce the deficit will not be signed.


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