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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Funnies on the week that was...

Another Monday morning programming session for the
Quant Traders. It's simple really, fundamentals do not matter....
and the government would never release misleading or
inaccurate data; they simply massage and adjust it
for the next 5+ years.

On March 18th, Cramer stated the single biggest impediment to
the market going higher is ObamaCare and if it passes
get ready for a sell off.
Result: Dow closed up 108 points this week.

When you are done here Joe, I need you in my office
and bring a glass of water; I have the bar of soap...

"When pigs fly Chris....when pigs fly..."

Initial response to Sunday night's House vote on 
Healthcare Reform 

This week's bond auctions...are they any other bids?

Obama completes arms control deal with Russia

February 2010 New Home Sales

GM to make another payment to the U.S. Government next week as
the cars a flying off the lot.

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