"Our Children and Grandchildren are not merely statistics towards which we can be indifferent" JFK

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dylan Ratigan and Tom Hayden...where are the protests and grandpa says enough is enough with the American Lemmings mentality!!

Dylan Ratigan and Tom Hayden discuss "where is the outrage" and where are the protests!!! Where is the 1960's activism? Two wars and over 5,000 soldier deaths and no protests.

Unfortunately, this is not one of Mr. Hayden's memorable interviews however he engaged throughout the 1960's which is more than most can claim since 2000. From grandpa's perspective, the fact that over 5,665 U.S. HUMAN BEINGS have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan warrants turning off Housewives of New Jersey and American Idol and taking action to make a change. Unlike the 1960's, we have no draft (a.k.a. get your butt to the Post Office and complete the "selective service" card) and as a result, American's "feel bad" about THOSE poor soldiers killed overseas, HOWEVER since my kids or neighbors' kids are not exposed to the draft, it really "does not impact me".

Meanwhile, this same perverted attitude enables Wall Street and politicians to continue taking care of those deemed the chosen. Wall Street receives a bailout while Main Street is left to fend for themselves. TRILLIONS of debt incurred so the inept have an opportunity to once again "serve the country" for another 24 months. STAND UP AMERICA, who do you think bears the burden of this debt?

Our children and grandchildren deserve an activist representation on their behalf! When will American lemmings get off the "it will not make a difference anyway" cop out and take responsibility to assure our children and grandchildren are afforded a "fair shake"!

58,193 completed "selective service cards" ended in death during the Viet Nam War!. HELLO AMERICA, today's indifference is a complete and utter insult to the those who's family tree was drastically changed forever.

What will it take to get American's motivated to make a difference and take down the Wall Street and Washington D.C. regime? Wall Street and Congress are stepping on your face  because they know they can and they know American's are indifferent to the bully.

On behalf of our children and grandchildren, maybe America will take action before the Jersey Shore television fall season kicks off. CHILDREN DESERVE BETTER AMERICA and no one on Wall Street or in D.C care.....WHEN WILL YOU!!!

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