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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bank of America's Abusive Collection Agency finally gets the boot

To all Bank of America associates:

We are proud of the position we hold in helping serve as an engine of growth and success for millions of individuals, households, families and businesses of every size. With this honor comes a responsibility for ethical behavior in everything we do. The Bank of America Code of Ethics applies to everyone who is employed by our company—all associates and directors. The code, which is based on our company’s core values, spells out our shared commitment to the highest standards of conduct.

Trust is at the heart of what we do. Our customers and clients want to know they are doing business with a financial services company that they can trust; that all our associates will treat them fairly, communicate forthrightly, and make clear, honest and ethical decisions. Trust is crucial to the value we provide our customers, and it’s fully expressed through the combination of our Core Values and our Code of Ethics. BLAH...BLAH...BLAH...

Two days after being confronted by ABC News, Bank of America has fired a debt collection agency after several of its operators were caught using racist and obscene phone calls to collect debts from bank customers.

The calls came from the Harlingen, Texas office of Advanced Call Center Technologies. ACT is a Philadelphia-based company that provides collection services for a number of major corporations. Jones saved the taped messages and hired lawyers to sue ACT. A jury in Texas found the both the debt collectors and the corporation responsible and awarded Jones more than $l.5 million. ABC News Link

The "catch": The Bank of America Code of Ethics applies to everyone who is employed by our company

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