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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bernie Marcus, Home Depot co-founder. advocate for the small business owner

CNBC at long last permits a quest to speak for 16 minutes without commercial interruption and sophomoric questions from the peanut gallery. Bernie Marcus is clearly "old school" and has experienced dirty fingernails and not having a silver spoon to stir his coffee. He expresses the uncertainty and pain associated with running a business and not knowing how one makes payroll.

This is a great 16 minutes of honest discussion and kudos to CNBC for finally allowing someone other than the journalism majors to allow a well experienced, caring, passionate and grounded guest to deliver a message. It appears CNBC's best programming occurs at 5:00 am CDT.

Mr. Marcus is a genuine and authentic advocate for grandchildren around the globe.

Special thanks to Vigilant Grandpa's very dear friend from Texas for the head's up as the MN Vigilant Grandpa was not awake at 5:00 am.

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