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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Economic Times Remain Tough Unless You are a Lobbyist

$4.65 million by The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America

Lobbying...Recession Proof

2010 Q2 Lobbying Investments
(not a complete list..two hours worth of headline reading)

$8.3 million by General Electric
$4.40 million by Verizon
$3.80 million by Comcast
$3.08 million by A T & T
$2.96 million by Merck
$2.89 million by Prudential
$2.72 million by GM
$2.71 million by Dow Chemical
$2.30 million by Pfizer
$2.40 million by The American Bankers Association
$1.85 million by Microsoft
$1.65 million by The Independent Community Bankers of America
$1.60 million by US Airlines
$1.58 million by Goldman Sachs
$1.53 million by Visa
$1.52 million by JPMorgan Chase
$1.47 million by American Airlines
$1.47 million by Citigroup
$1.43 million by Wal-Mart
$1.34 million by Google
$1.29 million by Wells Fargo
$1.20 million by Johnson and Johnson
$1.15 million by Oracle
$1.11 million by The National Association of Manufacturers
$1.09 million by Bank of America
$930,000 by The Real Estate Roundtable
$720,000 by Travelers
$671,000 by Delta
$590,000 by Credit Suisse
$560,000 by Goodyear
$552,000 by The Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
$531,000 by Chrysler
$500,000 by Amazon
$490,000 Hartford Financial
$463,000 by The Generic Pharmaceutical Association
$420,000 by The National Association of Chain Drug Stores
$419,000 by Honda
$410,000 by Express Scripts
$400,000 by The Consumer Bankers Association
$385,000 by Continental
$370,000 by NYSE Group
$330,000 by The Air Line Pilots Association
$200,000 by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
$160,000 by Southwest Airlines

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