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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jon Stewart...President "CEO" Obama, the only CEO held accountable by CNBC

President "CEO" Obama, the only CEO
ever held accountable by CNBC

Recap via Huffington Post
Last night on "The Daily Show" Jon Stewart focused on President Obama's town hall meeting on CNBC, where questions centered around Wall St. and the economy. Among those asking the questions was a woman who Stewart identified as "Obama's Kryptonite."

After fielding questions from a jilted Wall St. executive and a young lawyer who can't afford to pay his student loans, Obama was hit hardest by a middle-class, African-American woman who frankly said, "I'm exhausted of defending you."

It turns out, the woman behind this reasonable critique is not just a middle-class wife and mother, but also a chief financial officer of a veteran's organization, a powerful combination that Stewart considers an "Obama zapping machine."

"A black, lady, financial analyst veteran?" Stewart said in disbelief. "We have found Obama's Kryptonite."

Then, in true 'Daily Show' fashion, Stewart used footage of Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign to show what Americans such as the fed-up woman at the rally were promised, and followed up with clips from the last two years where he defers or denies the ability to follow through with those same promises.

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