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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shorts Refuse To Capitulate: End Of September NYSE Short Interest Near Record Highs (Zero Hedge)

Zero Hedge
The one side-effect of the torrid market move over the past 40 days that every bull had been hoping for, a massive, and self-sustaining short covering spree, has completely failed to materialize. Despite what is now a 10%+ move since early September, predicated by nothing more than the dollar debasement and QE2 expectations, NYSE short interest remained virtually unchanged for the past 30 days, starting the month at 14.36 billion shares and ending the month at 14.35 billion!

In other words, the shorts' conviction that the rally is based on nothing fundamental is as strong now as it was when they were 10% more in the money. And that they are willing to experience such pain reinforces their expectation, right or not, that the market is way overbought and is due for a major pullback.

As for the observation that neither retail, nor long-only, nor short-covering was a buying force in the September rally, once again begging the question just who did all this buying, we will leave that open.

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