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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harley-Davidson now putting screws to Kansas City employees

One Wonders Just How Long Before
All HOGS are Raised in India...???

Kansas City Star

Harley-Davidson says workers at its Kansas City plant will have to make concessions to keep their jobs.

In a release Wednesday, the company said it needed to address “significant cost, efficiency and production flexibility gaps” at the plant, which employs 800, about 675 of them in production.

Without changes, the company said, it could have to move Kansas City’s operations to its plant in York, Pa.

The company made similar statements last year for the York plant and this year for its Wisconsin operations — even saying some of the Milwaukee area work could be moved to Kansas City.

Unions at those plants eventually agreed to heavy cost-cutting concessions.

Harley-Davidson, on a call with analysts Tuesday, said that its Kansas City operations already had some of the flexibility it sought elsewhere. So it’s possible concessions here would not have to be as extensive as those at other plants.

The company said it expected to make a decision on its Kansas City operations in the first quarter of next year. The plant’s current contract runs through July 2012.

Harley-Davidson India Press Release

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