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Friday, December 3, 2010

14% of all Americans relying on food stamps to feed their families

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Wall Street blew off the abysmal non-farm payroll report this morning and deemed it a fluke given the other "positive" economic reports. Wall Street will likely deem the poverty level in this country a fluke when trading commences next week. Wall Street attitude: too bad if you lost your job or lack enough food on the table to feed your family. We are Wall Street...We are God and we have the backing of the U.S. Government and specifically Bernanke to assure our success....and we eat very well!

USDA reports 42.911 million Americans using food stamps in September 2010. This is an increase of 520,000 people from August 2010 and an increase of 5.992 million (16%) Americans from September 2009. USDA reported the average benefit is $133.80. Eligibility Requirements

For the record, 42.911 million Americans on Food Stamps is a record. Roughly 14% of all Americans receive Food Stamps. USDA Data and Reports

Thanks to Zero Hedge for the Chart

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