"Our Children and Grandchildren are not merely statistics towards which we can be indifferent" JFK

Friday, December 10, 2010

Support Bernie Sanders and his plea for change...your kids and grandkids deserve a voice

I strongly urge everyone to note Senator Bernie Sanders' passionate plea on behalf of the next generation to rework the proposed Bush Tax Cut extension. He is truly a friend of all kids/grandkids & I challenge all to name one other elected "representative" w/a genuine focus on your kids/grandkids. Enough of the backroom deals w/their lobbyist friends, bank bailouts & fiscal heresy.

Do your kids and grandkids a favor & by sending an email (on their behalf) to your elected "representatives" and let them know in no uncertain terms, enough is enough and that you no longer accept dumping another trillion dollars on our children and grandchildren. Bernie is going strong after 8 hours, make a difference with a 5 minute email!


Bernie Sanders Home Page

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