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Friday, January 7, 2011

Pelosi: Of Mr. Boehner it's sooo big and other Friday Funnies (Obama, Boehner, Congress, Pelosi and DOL)

Meet Obama's New Team

Sell Hello to he 112th Congress Freshman

Tim Geithner's Meeting w/John Boehner on the need
to Raise Debt Ceiling AGAIN.

Representing 46% of the New Jobs Created in December
According to the Dept. of Labor NFP Report

About 1/50th of the Dec. initial jobless claim filers
seasonally adjusted out by the Dept. of Labor
(actually sad, not funny)

Oh Mr. Boehner, it's sooo big, I needed both hands. It is so
much larger than the one Denny Hastert handed me.

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