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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seasonally Adjusted Rally Continues: Philly Fed Revises Dec. Business Conditions Down To 20.8 From 24.3 (Zero Hedge)

Zero Hedge
January 13, 2011
Unfortunately, the Ministry of Disinformation and Data Revision will not be able to blame the latest major economic data point revision on dyslexia. After as we previously noted, the Chicago PMI was revised lower from 68.6 to 66.8 just three short days ago, today that other standout number, the Philly Fed, which had originally printed at the better than expected level of 24.3, has just been revised much lower to 20.8. Since this number means the Philly Fed actually declined from the November print of 22.5, one can see why even the Chinese are seeing their jaws drop at the ceaseless "adjustment" of what has now become an unrepentantly upwardly economic data stream.

Specifically, the December Employment Index has been lowered to 4.3 from 5.1, the December New Orders Index has swooned to 10.6 from 14.6, the December Current Inventories was lowered from -2 to -5.9, the Current Number of Employees dropped from 5.1 to 4.3, and the Current Average Employee Workweek contracted from 19.3 to 16.8. The silver lining: the December Prices Paid Index to 47.9 from 51.2.

Also, virtually all the future indices improved. Then again, as today's PPI indicated, and as surging commodity costs validate, nobody doubts the margin collapse any longer. We can't wait to find out just how many more of the melt up inducing December economic indicators will continue to be revised lower (even as the BLS continues to backward revise jobless numbers higher).

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