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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Barney Frank Says Fed’s role in AIG is “Troubling”

Barney, Barney, Barney, you are too wrapped up in government speak. Desert Storm was not a term from the Weather Channel as this storm was measured in body parts and buckets of shrapnel. Okay, I digress.

Barney, troubling is defined as many things however lying to U. S. citizens and Geithner’s blatant covert operation making sure his Wall Street thugs were made whole is more than troubling.

Grab a pencil and paper Barney as grandpa is here to help. Troubling is synonymous with (go ahead and pick them all as I already did your homework): worrying, upsetting, disturbing and disconcerting.

Many of we “common folk” believe Geithner’s actions were more aptly described as fraudulent. Fraudulent (trust me Barney) is synonymous with fake, false, deceptive, sham, untrustworthy, cunning, lying, untrustworthy and devious. One could credibly argue that putting it to the taxpayer in terms of Billions of Dollars and making sure all was kept quiet could and should be deemed fraudulent.

Bloomberg also reported that you "support hearings on the issue". Wow Barney, this is like carrying the newspaper in a jock strap and stating you support the local news. One more trip to the $575 government bid sharpener Barney. Congressional hearings are synonymous with:

1. missing Larry Kudlow and Dennis Kneale on CNBC
2. hypocritical
3. trivial
4. irreverent
5. self serving
6. ground hog’s day (the movie)

Sharpen your pencil Barney as I am on a roll. Nod when you are ready. I thought you might be interested in one more exercise in synonyms. Grandchildren are synonymous with:

1. missing Larry Kudlow and Dennis Kneale on CNBC
2. genuine
3. momentous
4. relevant
5. altruistic
6. ground hog’s day (the celebration)

In closing, I strongly suggest hugging a grandchild (or someone else’s grandchild) and savor that moment as you prepare your way to yet another meaningless congressional hearing to talk tough for C-Span followed up with a poignant interview on CNBC.

Maybe this one time try to remember the hug of a grandchild and what is truly important.

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