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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chris Dodd states that Broad Bank Reform Bill is Moving Forward

We're talking and obviously my hope is that in the next few weeks we'll be able to move forward and have votes in the committee," said Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, to reporters. (MarketWatch)

Reported by MarketWatch:
A broad bank reform bill responding to the financial systems near collapse in 2008 is moving forward, with votes expected on it in a key committee expected by spring, two key senators said Wednesday.

Dodd said Wednesday that no agreement has been made about the consumer protection agency. "We've had long conversations about a bill that includes many pieces and parts," Dodd said. "Nothing has been agreed to accept a lot of conversations about various aspects about a very complicated set of issues so the idea that something has already been decided about any aspect of this bill is completely false."

Let me make an attempt to wrap my arms around this:
1. Chris Dodd is still using the “hope” word
2. This “broad reform bill” is expected to be voted on in a key committee
    in spring
3. No agreement on the Consumer Protection Agency
4. Very complicated set of issues
5. Long conversations, many pieces and parts and nothing agreed to

Okay, one more attempt:
Banks have been bailed out, achieved record profits as an upshot of numerous bailouts, paid back TARP funds and rewarded themselves with record bonuses. It is January 2010 and Chris Dodd notes the “bill” is moving forward, remains hopeful, expects a committee vote in spring, noted there is no agreement however, they have long conversations on a very complicated set of issues.

By the time you and your self-serving peers accomplish anything Mr. Dodd, my grandchildren will be old enough to vote and they have been prepped well.

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