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Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Vote on Bernanke this week

Poor Ben, the Senate will not vote this week on his re-confirmation as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Ben’s term expires 1/31/2010 however it appears he will remain “Helicopter Ben” for another 4 years.

Warren Buffet, during a CNBC interview stated if he could, he would vote for Bernanke twice. Given Warren’s return on his financial industry investments during the taxpayer bailout, I am amazed he limited himself to only two votes.

Don’t fret Ben; the inept members of the senate embrace your level of transparency and appreciate your “hand picked” AIG files offered to the Government Accounting Office.

"Agreed, Ben needs to be patient as we have until the 31st of January; now, imagine when you were younger and you too got the call from Playgirl. Scott Brown is a kick".

"I've got your back Ben and if anyone asks, I was just admiring your Kindle"

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