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Monday, January 11, 2010

What is the world searching for?

Given the turmoil around the globe this past year and the magnitude of the challenges ongoing in the United States, I was curious as to what the world searches for on the internet.

The list of challenges facing the United States is onerous however I opted to seek out search results for what I deem representative of the top 10. (Results reflect the “hit count” on Google today)

Grandpa's Top Ten
25,400,000 U.S. Debt
16,000,000 Bailouts
51,200,000 Unemployment
34,900,000 Health Care Reform
7,850,000 Housing Crisis
34,900,000 Financial Crisis
17,300,000 Financial Reform
56,100,000 Iraq/Afghanistan Wars (United States)
49,900,000 Politicians

Top Ten Overall Yahoo! Searches for 2009
128,000,000 Michael Jackson
143,000,000 Twilight
54,500,000 WWE
24,500,000 Megan Fox
60,100,000 Britney Spears
85,800,000 Naruto (Japanese Anime)
25,600,000 American Idol
14,600,000 Kim Kardashian
35,000,000 NASCAR
13,500,000 Runescape

Just another random list of 10
109,000,000 NFL
169,000,000 Celebrities
15,400,000 Khloe Kardashian
217,000,000 Obama
34,400,000 Paris Hilton
57,300,000 Movie Stars
33,700,000 Rap Music
30,800,000 Swine Flu
741,000,000 Windows 7
1,410,000,000 Twitter

Paris Hilton triumphed over swine flu albeit the Kardashian sisters made a credible showing in their attempt to fend off said flu. Paris struggled with the Financial Crisis however the Housing Crisis was a walk in the park. They made an effective trio as together they thumped Unemployment and two Wars.

WWE clearly slammed Politicians however expect a Cage Match-SmackDown rematch this November.

It appears Financial and Health Care Reform is in limbo until Britney Spears once again spirals out of control or when Nancy Pelosi shaves her head.

Rap music beats Bailouts by a 2 to 1 margin. Given the gangster presence on Wall Street, I fully anticipated a draw.

It is a pathetic commentary when the glitz, glamour and narcissism of Hollywood Movie Stars trump U.S. Debt by a twofold margin.

My top ten produced a collective 293,550,000 Google search hits this morning, narrowly beating the combination of Michael Jackson and Twilight. Windows 7 registered 2 ½ times the search hits as U.S. challenges. Of course Twitter handed me a resounding thrashing.

My top ten challenges facing the United States was simply “out Twitted”. Grandpa is simply shaking his head however rest assured grandkids, I have your back and my efforts continue.

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